Japanese Girl – Mio

HI! I am Mio a Japanese Girl that just now lives in Niigata just now. I come here to find a future boyfriend and husband I hope.

So, I am a Japanese girl that has a job at the hospital. So, I am a just Finnish school and I am now a Nurse and I love my job and when I can help people.

But city life is maybe not for me. I thinking on moving back to my village to help people in my home village. Also, I miss my pond with my Koi and my Garden too.

So, I love art and books and history that is the best with city life. You have shops and good internet and all that.

I love to talk to older people they know so much about life. I think I like to find an older man this is why I come to Single Girls Cupid.com.

I looking for a man that wants to change his life. Slow down and maybe want to be a teacher or something like that or love Koi and want to start a farm here in Japan.

So, I have land and space you need to make it happen. I can also be thinking about a life in Irland or some other country in Europe.

But we need a plan to move to Japan in the end. I also have a dream to do something for tourists and maybe a small hotel or guest house.

So, I don’t know where you live and what you do in your life. But I hope you want to talk to me and let’s see if we can find love. Hug Mio

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