Japanese Girl – Kaya

Hi! So, I am a single Japanese Girl that looking for an Australian or An American man. I am Japanese Girl that looking for love and a man that I can love.

So, I am a Japanese Girl that love flowers. Therefore, I have my home full of dwarf orchid ha ha ha. So, my mom, she gets the crazy every time she comes home to me.

You must have space for your life she says. So, here I am A single Japanese Girl that looking for a crazy Australian or American Guy with a crazy big house or a big big Green House.

I will give you my body and my heart if you give space for my flowers. Is that a good deal for loving my dream with a Green House is to have a flower shop.

Online or a real shop I don’t know let it be a dream for now. But a dream for a Husband it is my goal maybe if we are lucky we can have a family.

So, send me a mail or you can try to find me on this
Japan Cupid.com that I see they have added for I will click and singe up now. Big Hug Kaya

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