Japanese Girl – Doi

HI! I hope someone is dreaming about a Japanese Girl like me as their Japanese Girlfriend. I am a 22 year old Japanese Girl and my name is Doi.

So, I am Doi and I am single and I am Looking for an Ameican or Australian man that want to find a Japanese Girlfriend.

I have a Job in a Hotel so I meet a lot of Australian Guys and I like them so much. Always polite and talk nice to me.

Also, I been lucky and to have a sister in America and I love my sister’s Husband. He is fun and open and nice to talk to. But I can not take him from my sister Hi Hi Hi.

So, I am a bit confused Australian or American Guys, It’s hard Nice guys I think I let you guys help me to choose for me.

Also, I think is best that way that you tell me what is best for me and what you love about your country and town.

I will start to tell you about me and what is best with me. My body I don’t know what guys think about my body but sometimes I see guys look on me.

If I am on the beach like in my Photo. I think one or two guys try to look on me. But I don’t care much guys are crazy in us Japanese Girls.

I love to cook food and I love to do sushi to my friends and family. I love Japanese art and I paint little when I have time over.

Most time is a friend that sits as a model for me. I love to paint the body and romantic thinks like the sunset and things like that.

So, I hope you love my story and I have many more secrets to tell you. But first, you must catch my heart and I forget to send me a mail. Hug Doi

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