Indonesian Girls – Rima

Hello! My name is Rima and I am a 21 year old Indonesian Girl. I live on a small Indonesian island. My Indonesian family lives on fishing and tourism. I love the Indonesian Ocean and I love fresh fish. I like to cook Indonesian Food to the family with the help of mom who always wants to be there when we cook Indonesian Food.

I love the internet and I love to look for new recipes for Indonesian Food, Indonesia music, and many other things and I was thinking about all that you can find so way not love? Well so now I try to look for a boyfriend and the big love.

I am looking for someone who loves the sea, the waves, the wind, and wildlife. I dive a lot when I’m working with diving during the tourist season and I hope you enjoy it too. I Love photography too and I love my digital camera.

I do not need to care about how many photos you take. I have finally saved some money and whit help from the good boss I can now buy an underwater camera that can handle 10 – 20 meters.

It will be fun to start using it at work. Now I only missing one thing and that being you. I Hope you are a happy man and like to have fun travel and Diving. I hope you are a man that have dreams and love Indonesia and Indonesian Girls and maybe like to live in Indonesia later. Hug Rima

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