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Hello! My name is Dewi and is a Single Indonesian Girl who lives on one of the islands in Indonesia a few mils from Denpasar and my Indonesian Family lives in a small Indonesian Village and our Indonesian Family has large rice cultivation as my whole Indonesian Family helps to manage.

I like to be at home in the village after my studies in Denpasar. I have a friend in Denpasar, a flatmate and she taught me everything about the internet and how a computer works. I love the internet but I don’t spend as much time surfing around on the internet.

I have looked at the time to time at few months and now I’m writing my story. I am looking for a nice man who loves to travel to Indonesia and could imagine living here in Indonesia in old age. I am looking for someone who wants to meet a nice Single Indonesian Girl.

Age is not so important, but you’re kind and funny and you want to marry me in the future an Indonesian Girl. I can imagine living abroad and I would like to meet a foreign man and that’s why I try to write this on

I like to cook Indonesian food and I like to learn to cook new Indonesian dishes and find different dishes on Youtube as I learn. I love to cook and would consider working at an Indonesian Restaurant or open your own little Indonesian Restaurant.

I like to be with my Indonesian Family and my Indonesian friends. I like to spend time in Indonesian nature. I hope you will write to me so we can start talking about a possible future and you might want to come and see me on your vacation. Hug Dewi

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