Indonesian Girls – Dewi

Indonesian Girl Dewi
Hello! My name Dewi and I am a 22 year old Indonesian Girl. I work as Executive Assistant to a midsize company in Indonesian. I love my job because I get to travel a lot and I have been in many parts of Asia.

I like to see new places and I love to travel to China, where my boss frequently travels. I speak fluent Chinese and Indonesian my English is not as good as I’d want, but it’s pretty good.

I am writing this because I want to meet a nice and good man to live with. I am looking for someone who is single but like to travel. I hope you enjoy Asian food but especially Indonesian food that I love to do Indonesian food.

But I have many friends who I have met on my travels with my boss. I usually offer my help with cooking and preparation when it offers to the party and then.

I usually learn some other food cooking that when I go to my friends in China. I like my life the only thing I miss is a man who can hug me and we can make romantic trips.

But above all, I miss someone who hugs me when I am alone at home on the couch. I hope you write to me. MY HEART MISS U SO MUCH. Dewi

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