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Hello! My name is Bonita and is a 26 year old Indonesian Girl who works at a Hospital, as a nurse. It’s a good job and I get to do something that is very important to me, it’s that is sick and lying in a Hospital. I live in a big house with my Family here in Jakarta, my whole Family works at the Hospital but in different departments and professions.

My Dad is a doctor and it was here he meets mom for the first time. I am a good Indonesian Girl who likes to be with my Family and Friends. I like working with old people because it has so much to tell you what it was for a time in Indonesia, it is so exciting that sometimes to sit down and talk to an old person it has so much knowledge and so much experience and you can always get good advice.

I am a Single Indonesian Girl who likes to be with my Friends when I’m on a longer holiday me sometimes go for a few days for my Friend who lives by the sea. I love to swim in the sea and it is wonderful to spend hours on the Indonesian beach with fresh fruit and a little drink and a few friends.

I love to cook and I love grilled crabs and fish, but I’m alone in a way and that is that I am a Single Indonesian Girl. I was recommended by a friend saying that this site existed and I like it. I am looking for someone who is kind and likes to have fun and you will enjoy the joke and you must have a heart of gold that cares about me and my family and our future. Hug Bonita

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