Indonesian Girls – Amisha

Hello! My name is Amisha and is an Indonesian Girl living in Jakarta, Indonesia I’m working on a major hotel in Jakarta and I live in a big house with my family.

My mom is a teacher and my dad works at an Indonesian bank here in Jakarta. I find by accident when I was looking for a good dating site.

And I like the color and there is no Indonesian Girl from Indonesia, so I’m happy to be the first Indonesian single Girl who writes so I hope you guys are nice to me.

I am a happy and nice Indonesian Single Girl who is looking for a kind man with a heart of gold. I do not have so many demands, more than that you do not smoke.

I would like to travel more in my life and maybe find a nice man who I can live with and I want to marry as soon as I know I’ve met the right one. Hug Amisha Jakarta

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