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Indonesian Girl Aini
HI! My name is Aini and I am a single Indonesian Girl. I live in Bali with my family and I have 2 sisters and I work in a jeweler shop.

I find Single Girls on my mobile one day when I was looking around on the internet. I have been looking at this website for over 1 month.

I think I will give it a chance to see if I can find a good man and really love if I am lucky. I am a good Indonesian Girl I love to go to the Beach and I love to be with my friends when I have time.

I am an Indonesian Girl that loves to paint and I love to read a good book and sometimes I like to surprise my family with some good food that I cook.

I love to cook good food and I hope you love Indonesian food. I am good at cooking Indonesian food. I read in a book that to get into a man’s heart you give him good food and he will love you forever.

So I hope I can cook some good food and open your heart and if that not help I hope my smile and my eyes will do the rest ha ha ha. I hope that someone wants to talk to me send me a mail so we can start to talk. Hug Aini

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