Indonesian Girls – Ade

Hello! My name is Ade and is a 20-year-old Indonesian Girl. I work as a sound technician at an Indonesian radio station in Jakarta it is I who get the sound to work and get the phone calls that into the studio, etc. It’s a fun job that I love to work on the radio.

I usually also do extra work at various gigs when an artist is coming to play in Jakarta. I love to sit behind the mixing desk there is a good job with great responsibility and a lot can go wrong and then you have to improvise and find a solution quickly.

I’m a single Indonesian Girl who would love to meet a foreign man who may be living in Indonesian or anyone who commutes between Thailand and their job or their home country. You should be a little older than me maybe 40 to 50 years old.

I care more about the inside and how you are than the outside. I want to begin slow and not rush. I want a long time relationship. I am a happy Indonesian Girl who likes romance and flowers, and above all red roses.

I enjoy traveling and I love the ocean and I usually try to Bali a couple of times a year. I like to be there a weekend and I usually look for a cheap Hotel where I live and then I spend all day at the beach with good food and drink with a friend. I hope you will write to me. Hug Ade

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