Indonesian Girl – Gemi

HI! I am an Indonesian girl and my name is Gemi. So, I come to Single Girls Cupid to find a good boyfriend and a man to get married to.

So, My name is Gemi and I have a job in Bangkok. So, I travel a lot between Thailand and Indonesia. I love Thailand and Thai people.

I have a job in Bangkok as a translator and I can talk English okay. But I work with Thai translation to Indonesia for my company.

Indonesen Girls

So, I love my job and I get to spend time in Bangkok that I love. Good food and nice people. But sometimes I see that good looking man.

A man may be from a European man maybe if he is American I don’t know. But He walks around with a Happy Thai Girlfriend.

I don’t know but that is the exciting part of it all. I know many guys just come to Thailand to have a romance or a one night stand.

But also the come for love. You don’t know but what you know they look happy together. Boyfriend and Girlfriend in love.

Indonesen Girls

That is what I am hoping for Love, true love, real love. Hard to say and do but that is what I am looking for you and me together.

I looking for a man that can give me a hug and make me happy. A man that I can be proud of and I can take home to my family.

A man that I can go to the beach with and do fun things with and that care about me. That man that I can care about make him crazy in my Thai food and my Indonesian cooking.

O god I think I am already in this happy mood!!! Crazy right? are you as happy as me? please contact me and let’s see. Many hugs and a small kiss your Gemi

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