Indian Girls – Sunita

Hello! My name is Sunita and is a single Indian Girl living in Mumbai. I have opened my own candy store. Here, I sell a lot of different candies, soft drinks, and ice cream. There are many children who come to me to buy drinks after school has ended.

I have a good life here in Mumbai but I like to meet a good man who would want to live in India and in Mumbai as a start. Perhaps we could open one or two candy stores that could give us a good economy and a good life together here in Mumbai. I have a wonderful Indian Daughter who is 12 years old, I took her from my village in Tonk where my mom and dad and my sisters still live.

I missed her so much and I know that schools here are better than in our village. I want my Indian Daughter to get an education because she is smart, good at math and loves to buy and sell. I think she can go to school and study business in the future. So I want her to have to get a good education in Mumbai, she can get it.

I am looking for a kind and loyal man who loves children and can be like a father to my Indian daughter. I am looking for someone who wants to live and work in India. You may have a house or flat in Mumbai or do you have grown tired of your life in Europe, dreaming of life here. Why not come to Mumbai and meet me and we can see if we get along together and we can take the next step. Big hug Sunita

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