Indian Girls – Payal

My name Payal I am a 25 year old Single Indian Girl who lives in Mumbai. I thought I write something and see if I could have a bit of luck in love I’ve been lucky in life and I have decided to make shoes and have a good education and in the future, I want to be a designer and design my own clothes and create my own brand.

As you can see from the photo, it’s a dress I have seen I hope you enjoy it. I am an ordinary Indian Girl who likes to create and I like to create new clothes. I come from a good Thai family that owns a big Indian company so I’m not a normal poor Indian Girl looking for a better life and love.

I am not an Indian Girl who thinks I’m nicer than other Indian Girls just because my Indian Family has been lucky in life. I have many friends who do not have a good time economically, but such is a life across the globe. I’m looking for just looking for love and a man with a good heart.

I am a happy Indian Girl who in addition to clothes, I like to cook Indian food and help my Indian Friends when they have problems. I like to go dancing at one of Mumbai’s nightclubs with my Indian Friends or a small karaoke bar and sing.

I have a fragile heart, so I hope you do not want to damage it. So I hope that you to send me a mail have a big heart and want really want to have me as your Indian Girlfriend. Hug Payal Mumbai

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