Indian Girls – Pari

Hello! My name is Pari and lives in Munbai. I work in a large office in Munbai but at lunch I go down to my mom’s little Indian restaurant and eat. I have a big family here in Munbai and I have two older brothers and four younger Indian sisters.

I love Munbai because there’s so much you can do here. I enjoy going to the movies and I love to shop for clothes and go often and look around for new places to see where to find the best rates.

I find by chance and normally it would be well not to try this but I like this web page and I hope there is a good and positive one here who wants to see an Indian Girl like me.

I am looking for someone who has been to India and enjoy traveling to India and you love Indian food and Indian Girls. I expect you’re ready for a real relationship and are ready to commit yourself to an Indian Girl.

I do not watch so much on the outside but more on personality, honesty and the desire to have a good life together. Its main features, I think, above all, the will. I hope you will write to me. Hug Pari

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