Indian Girls – Noor

Hello! My name is Noor and is an Indian Girl seeking love and would like to meet a man who wants to marry me. I live by the sea with my Indian family.

My dad works in IT and therefore we have a good life and I have a good education but I would love to get married. I am a 21 year old Indian Girl who loves to travel and has traveled much in Asia,

for many in my Indian family are all from tailors to businessmen.I dream of living in another country. I want to learn something new a new culture, a new life still.

I am good at cook Indian Food and love to help my mother with the cooking of Indian food for the family. I can speak pretty good English, but it is not perfect.

I am looking for someone who has traveled in India and enjoy life here and the Indian people. I am looking for a kind man with a big heart who can love me.

I hope you are a man who likes to joke and have fun. I hope to have a family in the future I would like to have one or two children.

I live in Delhi may want you sometime soon in the future come and visit me. There are good hotels where you can stay and we can be together all day. Maybe we can take a little vacation together to a nice hotel near the sea. Big Hug Noor

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