Indian Girls – Nisha

Hello! My name is Nisha and is a Single Indian Girl who is 22 years old. I work at this hotel in Mumbai, I work the front desk where I take care of bookings and in and out check and much more. I like my job and would like to study any kind of Hotel education where I can become a senior manager or may be director of a large Hotel that is my dream and I would work hard if I had that opportunity in the future.

I have applied for an education that our hotel brand which we belong, but there are many who seek the training so we’ll see if I’m lucky. My boss has promised to try to help me and get one of the 10 sites and I’m so happy.

I saw this Web page a day when a customer had been surfing on our computer at the hotel and then I thought that maybe there is someone who wants to meet me. I am a hard working Indian Girl who would like to meet a kind man who is Single. I am only interested in a real relationship.

I’m not the one who has time to spend hours on the guys who just want to play with me and with my feelings. Maybe I’m a hard Indian Girl but I do not want to have the same problems as other Indian Girls have.

Sure I can talk for hours on the internet and having fun, etc. but I would not waste time on someone who does not have the same goals as me. Hope you who write to me respecting my wishes. A big hug from me, Nisha

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