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Hello! My name is Neha and is a 26 year old Indian Girl living in Mumbai. I work at an Indian Cinema in Mumbai where I do almost everything from selling tickets to check tickets and even try to look so no one sits and films in the cinema when the film is shown.

I like my job because I get to see all the movies before anyone else when I can see all the new movies. I think the movie should be seen in a Cinema and I love and watch Indian movies that just came out and love movies. I like romance and a weakness for red roses.

I live in Mumbai but I came from Pune where my family lives. So I am a Single Indian Girl who shares a flat with another Indian Girl in a big apartment. And I’m writing in to see if there is anyone who is interested in meeting a normal hard working Indian Girl.

And maybe if we’re lucky in love we can be a couple and live happily together forever. I hope I can find someone who is 30 +, I think, and anyone looking for a true Indian Girl to live with. I hope you love India and Indian food.

I do not care about the exterior but the most important thing for me is that you are nice, good heart and can listen and to understand me, it’s something I hate, it’s a big fight. Big Hug Neha Mumbai

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