Indian Girls – Deeptia

Hello! My name is Deepti and is a 24 year old Indian Girl I have just returned to my Indian village in North East India Where my Indian Family Lives.

But I live in Mumbai and work in an office so our Indian Family has a good life. Now I’m home for a short vacation and to relax. I’ll start the new job for about two weeks in Mumbai. It is in a law office where I should sit and answer the phone and booking appointments.

The new job will give me a better salary and more time off which I like. Because then I can spend more time on my Indian music as I write. I like to write about love, dreams, and my own reflections. I have an Indian Friend who plays in a band and the takes a lot of my songs and plays them for others,

and I have an Indian Friend at a record company who occasionally want a song to one of their Indian artists. But none of my songs have become a huge Hit, but one of them I have heard on the radio and its fun. I have some time thinking about seeking love on the internet when I happen to find this page and now I have the courage to send my story.

I find it hard to tell you everything about me so we could perhaps start with an email contact, and if you are around India and Mumbai, we could well get together before we decide if we have a future for us. Hug Deepti

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