Indian Girls – Amla

Amla from Goa
HI! I am Amla an Indian Girl that come from Goa but lives in New Delhi. I work for a telecom company. We take care of the phone support for many American companies so they can save money.

I been working on this pace for 3 years and is ok, but I want to meet a good man so I try to find some good dating sites on the internet and I find this web site so I will try to do like the other Girls do.

I am a 26 year old Indian Girl my family lives in Goa. But I move to New Delhi to study and to get a new life. I like to travel.

I have been around India to see my country and I like to cook Indian food to if I can if I am lucky on this web site I hope you want to come to India to meet me in New Delhi.

I hope you want to meet a happy Indian Girl. And I hope I soon can get a mail from you so we can start to talk on skype. I hope you are a man that likes to smile and have a big heart. Best Regards Amla

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