India Girls – Bela

Bela a Indian Girl
HI! I am Bela an Indian Girl that live in New Deli. I live in New Deli whit my family. I work in an office and I do a lot if traveling in my work.

I work with my Boss and I help him to run his project that he invests in. I love my work and when I stay in hotels all over India.

I love to play Golf and I been playing Golf for 3 years and I hope I can stop work with my boss so I can be a Golf instructor so I can learn other to play Golf.

I know the boss if one golf course in New Deli and he says is ok for me to start work when I like. I find

One night when I was online and I was thinking maybe I can be a lucky Girl to find a good man that loves Golf and like to travel and dream about a Good Indian Girl.

So I hope you want to start to talk to me and if its fell’s right you may want to come to India and play Golf with me and see what happen. Maybe I can show you my country. Hug Bela

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