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Hello! My name De, I am a happy Chinese Girl living in Hong Kong. My Chinese Family, a company says and importing furniture and bedding to hotels and spas in Hong Kong.

I am a Single Chinese Girl who has begun to think about to start looking for a good boyfriend so why do I write this on Singlegirlscupid.com.com. I hope I can have some luck and find you here you who are single and you want to live a normal hard-working Chinese Girl.

I love the ocean and like to go out to an island with my friends to swim and sunbathe and eat well. I like to eat seafood and I like to sing karaoke. I am looking for someone who is around 40 years old who want a long relationship.

You should Have a good heart and be happy and like to have fun but also work hard. Then we will see if love takes me to your home or if love takes you to Hong Kong and home. Hug De

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