Hong Kong – Girls – Wei

HI! I am Wei a Chinese Girl that lives in Hong Kong I work in Media and advertising films and usually make small short promotional films for companies and their web pages.

I’m working on a new small business in Hong Kong and China. So that is my work and I love it is fun and you have to think a lot about how you want the movie to be and work with what the client wants to do,

Will it be funny, sexy, sad, or something unexpected. So I spend a lot of time on the internet and I find Single Girls Cupid.com it was something unexpected and in my Heart, I get the feeling that I was lonely.

I have many friends and 1000 friends on Facebook and I have my Sister’s in Hong Kong. But do I have someone to love? No, I really miss a man in my life.

So I sit in my home and is 3 am and I drink a Spy and think about love and I hope you want to give a fun happy Chinese Girl some love and a new life.

I am a Chinese Girl that comes from China and part of my family still live in China. I love animals and I love painting and cartoons.

I usually do a small series that I post on my Facebook. My series is about my life or about something funny gossip that I hear on the train on the way home from work.

So if you are a Single man with much love and lonely and love to joke and dream to have a Girl to hug and love I think you can be a man for me. Hug Wei

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