Hong Kong Girls – Sapara

Hello! I am a Happy Hong Kong Girl named Sapara and lives in Hong Kong. I work with my dad who has a small clock shop selling Rolex, Breitling, etc.

We have a store in an expensive shopping center my dad is a good man and a Watchmaker and I have learned the profession of my father. We have expensive Watches so we must be careful. But we have high security and 2 Guards. I decided that I want to try my wings and try to find a Goodman who wants to marry me.

I am looking for someone who might do what I love to work with quality as a real Rolex you feel the weight, you see the quality of clocked out you know it’s one of the world’s best watches they hold in my hands, it just crawls under my skin on a wonderful way to get to work with such an admirable Watches.

I would like to continue working with clocks anywhere else in the world with my future husband. I hope you are like me who work with the world’s best professional, which is naturally Watchmaker. I know that many do not understand our profession but I know you are out there; you’re like me crazy about watches.

I have given way other interests Chinese’s Food, walking, sitting on a beach and watch the sun go down. I am looking for someone who is kind and happy to think about but dreams of finding an ordinary Hong Kong Girl. I hope you write to me. Hug Sapara, Hong Kong

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