Hong Kong Girls – Ling

Hello! My name is Ling and is a 24-year-old Chinese Girl living in Hong Kong. I work at a car dealer who imports Mercedes Benz to Hong Kong. I work to sell cars. I attended a sales training and am one of the best sellers in my shop. My teacher told us, Chinese Girls, one time when we ask how we could drive a good seller.

Apply what you have received from God, your sexy Chinese Girls body, and your smile so you sell twice as much as a guy can do. My teacher said we can do it in a nice way and it’s my sellers still. I left a lot to the imagination when a male customer comes.

The dream of having a Hong Kong Girl like me in an SL 500 or any of our fine SUVs as ML 350, which is my favorite car is something that can make a man willing to buy any car. Yes, we have almost exclusively upper-class Chinese men who come to us to buy a car so they have money.

When it ever comes into someone’s friend’s dad when I sell to a friend I do not sell in the most expensive car available. Mercedes’s a quality car but there is a difference of 3 million HKD and HKD 1.5 million when it has to be repaid.

I have just found Singlegirlscupid.com and wondering if there is anyone who wants to live with me. I’ve been looking for a boyfriend for a long time now on the internet and Hong Kong cupid.com but have only found a bunch of dirty old men who do not know how you talk to a Single Chinese Girl.

I know I have a sexy body and that you want to see me naked and lie down and cuddle with me and all that. Well maybe I dream too but I want you to understand that I have a brain and I’m smart and I like to do business.

I like to do more things in life than lying in bed with a guy. I’ve just asked a man to go to hell I’m so angry. If you understand all that, you are welcome write to me. Hug Ling

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