Hong Kong Girls – Lan

Hello! My name is Lan and I live in Hong Kong Best City in the world. I love Hong Kong and I live in a small apartment on the outskirts of Hong Kong. I’m sitting on one of Hong Kong’s buses and we have almost the same buses as in London.

I love to ride these buses, and when you sit upstairs you will see all the shops and a lot of people. I work as a salesman and I work for a Hong Kong company that sells perfumes and beauty products from Europe, USA, and Asia but we sell only original, which means we have it easier to sell our products.

I have worked here for a few years but I am a single Hong Kong Girl or Chinese Girl you might say. My family moving here 30 years ago and I was born in Hong Kong but I still have family left in China that I go and see him sometimes but Hong Kong is my home and the place that I love.

I am writing this because I would like to meet a nice, kind man who is looking for a girlfriend to share his life with. I can think of to move abroad if it is so that my future boyfriend wants it. I speak Chinese, Mandarin, English, Spanish, and German.

I love languages and I got used to before when I was working as a guide in Hong Kong. I like languages and I love flowers and I like to paint. I am a Chinese Girl who likes to have a lot to do. I would love to show you the Hong Kong and maybe if everything goes as I dream so maybe I can show you Hong Kong and we can have a wonderful night. Hug Lan

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