Hong Kong Girls – Jiao

Hong Kong Girl in Hong Kong
Hello! My name Jiao and is a happy 28 year old Hong Kong Girl. I live in Hong Kong and I love my life here in Hong Kong sometimes I see young Chinese girls walking on the street with their western boyfriend.

I usually think about how lucky it looks. I’m not the girl who usually put out a contact ad but I thought I would see what happens. I might get lucky and can find happiness and love.

I’ve been a single Hong Kong Girl now for many years but it would be wonderful to meet someone who wants to live in Hong Kong. I want to meet a serious man who may work here or want to work in Hong Kong.

I have my life here and I have many people working for me and I feel responsible for my employees. I think you understand what I mean.

I enjoy traveling and have been abroad many times and I love good food and like to invite my friends. I know my maid to take care of my home can do so.

But I think it’s nice to be in the kitchen for an hour and cook good food and empty my mind of all those who have the job to do. I like to explore new things that’s why I write here.

I hope you are writing to me is a man who is independent and likes to your Hong Kong Girlfriend is maligned owners and can take care of himself. I hope you understand in business for some and are willing to give me a helping hand at some point if I would need. Big Hug Jiao

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