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Hello! My name Ai and is a 25 year old Chinese Hong Kong Girl. My family comes from China but I am born in Hong Kong. I work here in Hong Kong at an office working on translations and visa applications. Here I sit, helping mostly foreign men who want help to translate the document when it is about to marry a Hong Kong Girl or to his Hong Kong Girlfriend visa papers.

I sit here and see all the happy Hong Kong Girls and their boyfriends who come here. I started thinking if it is not time to do something I dreamed about but had not dared. I do like to meet a foreign man who is searching for a Hong Kong Girl or a Chinese Girl to marry.

I’m not saying we should get married immediately, but I think that you like me want to be married and raise a family in the future. I am looking for a serious, kind but firm man who knows what he wants and dares to do what’s necessary for us to have a good future.

I’m not looking for a rich man but a man who has a stable economy. I know that everything can change in this life my brother has a business and sometimes he is good, and some years it goes worse. I know it like this, and we cannot do anything about. We can only work harder to change the future. But a good foundation is always good to start within a relationship.

I had a company that I had with a Chinese Friend and after a few years wanted my Chinese Friend to buy me out and I sold my part of the company. I am a happy Chinese, Hong Kong Girl who is very serious and hard working. I enjoy traveling and have traveled a lot in Asia.

I love to cook Thai Food and I often go home to mom and helping her to cook. I have many Asian friends in Hong Kong and we are few Girls who like to get together and enjoy cooking then we sitting for hours and talk, eat and have fun. I hope you write to me and I’ll tell you more about when we can talk maybe on skype. Big Hug Ai in Hong Kong

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