Hong Kong Girl – Wai

HI! My name is Wai and I am a Hong Kong Girl that is looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am looking for you that single guy that looking for love.

So, I am a Hong Kong Girl that hope to find a new life abroad may be in America or Australia. I am open to other countries too so you know.

But I am looking for that guy that dream about and love to travel in Asia. A man that loves Asian food and Chinese food.

Just so you know I love cooking food and I love a big Kitchen as the American does. Big space I love to do cokes and cakes.

That is a big big problem for me. So, I start running and exercise to get that weight of my body. I love running now but not in the beginning.

Now it gives me harmony and peace in my body and I love my hours of running every day. I am a Hong Kong Girl that love a big Tv that I can look at my Hong Kong and Chinese tv shows.

Also, I am crazy in love stories and true stories that I can find online. Is why I come to Single Girls cupid It was an African Girl that tell me Her story.

She meets love here and they are now living in London. So, if she can meet love and find a Husband so can we find that love too.

So, Do you want to have a Hong Kong Girlfriend? I want a husband and I want true love. So, send me a message so we can talk and find love. Many hugs from Wai

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