Filipino Girls – Mary Ann

Filipino Girls - Mary Ann (Small)
HI! I am Mary Ann and am a good Filipino Girl from Davao in Philippine. I just find and was thinking on if I can do a story about me and my dream about meeting you.

Is hard to meet a foreign man her in the countryside. So my Filipino friend says that her Filipino sister finds many dating sites on the internet.

So one day I ask my Filipino friend to show me who the internetwork and if we can find a good web site for me. She shows me Asian that her sister was a member on and we click on a link and we found

I was thinking I will try this web site and see what happens. So here I am a good Filipino Girl that looking for love. I am looking for a good man that wants to meet me.

I am a happy Filipino Girl that always smiles and always is happy. I like to go on small trips and I have some family in Manila that I go to from time to time.

I hope you are a man that likes to joke and have a good heart. I hope you want to be my rock and my love and I hope you want to keep me safe. I hope you send a mail to me soon I will be waiting for you. Hug Mary Ann

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