Filipino Girls – Mahal

Hello! My name Mahal and is 21 year old Filipino Girl living in Davao City in Philippines. I work at this shop that sells grow, trees and flowers to people who want to do fine in the Garden.

We have many foreign guys who live here with their Filipino Girlfriends and when they want to do fine Garden on his land, they found an build the new home and the buy everything from flowers to fruit trees that we sell here.

I think you foreign guys who live with a Filipino Girls are nice to talk to and I would love to meet a foreign man who wants to live with a young single Filipino Girl. I live in a village close to Davao City with my family and my brothers.

And my whole family lives in the same village. I am a happy Filipino Girl who likes to be with my Filipino Friends. I dream of traveling in the future and I have never seen the sea her in Philippines.

You who want to meet me might want to take me to the sea so we can have a romantic week somewhere here in Philippines to begin with before we know if we could be boyfriend and Girlfriend, and before meeting my Filipino family in Davao City. We hope you will write to me so we can begin to send an email and maybe you want to call me. Many Kiss from your Mahal

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