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Joy a Filipino Girl
HI! My name is Joy I live in Manila in the Philippines. I am a Good Filipino Girl and I work for an American man in a bar. I know that the word bar and Manila is not a good mix.

All people think about, sex and Filipino Girls selling sex, it happens that is life. But my boss is not like that he has a bar with a small guesthouse on top and like he says to me the day I start to work for him.

I don’t want your body I just want your smile and a Filipino Girl that are good and Talk much. He says I have too much problem with working Girls.

I lose too many guests and friends are way I just want a good Filipino Girl. We are good friends and he has a good heart. Yes he goes out with Thai Girls and sleeps with them, he is a man and this is a paradise for en man.

Sexy Filipino Girl, Go Go bars, nude Filipino Girls and all that and you can have as much sex you want, is it not a man dream right.

But as a good Filipino Girl, I like to find a good man to get married to or a long time relationship is a way I try I don’t want to be with a butterfly man.

I come from a small town in Eastern Philippines where my family still lives I love to cook food and I love to talk to people and I like Politics is the way I love my work in the bar.

I can talk with a German one day and the next an American man and learn a lot about what they think and how life works in other countries and what is good and what happens in the Philippines and so on.

I can keep a man happy in my bar all night and drink and have fun and maybe play a game. I looking for a sweet man that can have fun and like to talk and love to come to the Philippines.

I look for a man that knows that a Filipino Girl in Manila does not need to sell sex to be in Manila. I like to meet a man that can understand that just because I’m standing in a bar and do a work I don’t sleep with my costumes.

If you are that man send me a mail so we can talk and if you want you can get my skype so I hope I can see you soon. Hug Joy

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