Filipino Girl – Louise

HI! I am Louise and I am a single Filipino Girl I looking for an Australian Boyfriend and Husband. So, I am Louise and I live in Manila here in the Philippines.

I know that is many dating sites for us Filipino Girls. I find some new here on Single Girls Cupid that I maybe try too.

But for now, I am here on Single Girls Cupid and I am a Single Filipino Girl so it sounds right. So, what can I tell you about me and my life?

Meet Filipino Girl

I live outside Manila and I work in a small hospital or clinic. I like to call it a hospital. I do testing and I take a blood test on patients.

I love my job and It’s a good job I can tell people you have Denguefeber or Malaria. I do a test for other things too that is not fun like HIV and so on.

So, this is my work but I try to do I love to help people in my privet life. I love to push people to think is a way out of poverty.

I not rice and have big money but the school gives me a job. A Job that I am proud of. Many of us Girls maybe need to work in a bar or something else for a short time.

Meet Filipino Girl

But It’s a short time and after that, you have a future. Life is not easy but it’s can be bright after school it what I try to tell people.

I try to learn people mathematics and other thinks like reading English and so on. This is my life but I felt like I need to find love.

So, I love to find a friendly boyfriend that wants to live in the Philippines. But I can see a new life in a new city and a new country where I can make good.

I hope that my future boyfriend wants me to work and build a future together I don’t want to be the Girl that live on some other money.

Meet Filipino Girl

I am too proud to do that maybe I need to learn a new languish and go a bit in school at that time maybe I most live on my boyfriend’s money.

That will be a short time and an investment for the future for us. So, Do you love to have me as your Girlfriend? Happy Filipino Girl with that big smile? I can be your big love. Hug Louise

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