Filipino Girl – Kate

HI! Guys, I am a Filipino Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. My Name is Kate and I am a Filipino Girl that looking for a long time relationship.

I hope I can find a man that wants to marry me in time. But for me is okay to be your Filipino Girlfriend as a start.

So, I am a Filipino Girl that love sport and I love to play Football. Also, I am in a team and I play 3 times a week is take up time but I love it.

So, I am working in an office and I love my boss he gives me and the team so much support. I think that I am a good player but I will not be a superstar.

But I love all about the sport and I love to look at English Football. So, I am looking for a man that loves Football like me.

Also, you most love English Football. My team is Arsenal so I hope you love that team too. If you do not look at English Football is OKay.

I will make you love Arsenal ha ha ha and naturally show me also I have 2 secret weapons. Do you want to know which ones? OK, I’ll tell you, but I’ll warn you.

My food is my first weapon and when you have kissed me you will never look at another Girl. So, now I give you this warning ha ha ha.

So, if you want to meet me and have me as your Filipino Girlfriend. Just send me a message and tell me about you and what you like. Hug Kate

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