Filipino Girl – Cristine

Hi! I am a single Filipino Girl and I live in Manila. So, I am a Filipino Girl that looking for a boyfriend and a future husband.

So, I am Cristine and I live in Manila I work in a Dentist’s office and I book meetings and I take care of the paperwork.

I love to be a dentist in the future I will be a dentist in 1 years time. I go to school but I also work to pay bills and books that I need.

Meet Filipino Girl

Yes, you know that is life but I believe in the future. I believe in hard work and it will give the life that you dream about.

I believe in love and that love is what you make it be. Do you want romance, Birds and bees, and all that you must have fun and you most work on it.

You need to work hard not only the man us girls too. So, you know I am that Filipino Girl that will make your life happier.

But I will not sit and wait that you only will pay the bills and take care of you. The day I will come to you I will be a dentist.

Meet Filipino Girl

I will be looking for a job as a Dentist and it will be good for us. So do you want to team up with me and lets me be your Filipino Girlfriend? Hug Cristine

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