Chinese Girls – Ying

Hello! My name is Ying and is a 25 year old Chinese Girl living in Shanghai, China. I have a small beauty salon where I cut my hair, fix nails, etc. I have many customers, especially wedding couples who come to me for help to be ready.

I have a small salon in downtown Shanghai but living with my parents a little outside of Shanghai and I take the bus into town every day. I just find this dating blog and I want to try to see if I can meet a good man how want to meet a Chinese Girl.

My mom nags at me and wants me to marry and raise a family, but I’d like to meet a foreign man preferably from Europe or Australia. So I was so happy when I find this blog I am a member of Chinese love but this gives me more space so I hope it will give me more luck.

Hope you want to talk to me and learn more about me or you can be a free member of Chinese love Cupid. command see my profile and talk to me or just send me a mail and I give my email and we can start to talk. Hug Ying

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