Chinese Girls – Meili

Chinese Girl liveing in Hong Kong
HI! I am a Chinese Girl that lives in Hong Kong. Over Family move from China over 10 year ago when I was a young Chinese Girl and we open this small shop that sell food and all that.

I love Hong Kong now but it was not like that at the beginning as a young Chinese Girl I just want back to my hometown. But now I love Hong Kong and I love life in Hong Kong.

I find Single Girls cupid someday ago and was thinking is a great way to meet a good man. I am a happy Chinese or a Hong Kong Girl I don’t know what is best to say.

I feel like Hong Kong is my city now and Hong Kong is my life, not China. But I love romantic moves and I love to go and shop with my friends,

I love to dance and I love to cook food and I want to be a chef and is what I try to do just now I go to school and study.

I see on TV is not only Boys that can be a chef and now when you can see all this show master chef on Youtube and on TV I know my dream can come true.

I can open my own small restaurant so if you have the same dreams as me maybe you and me I not care where in the world you take me, Just love me and I know I will be safe in your arms.

So if you want to open the doors of an adventure and a new life with much love with me a family and a new life send me a mail and we see what happens? Hug Meili

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