Chinese Girls – Mei

Hello! My name Mei and is a Single Chinese Girl from Hong Kong. I am a 20-year-old Chinese Girl living in the center of Hong Kong with my family and I are a well educate Chinese Girl and have a good job and my dad has a dentist clinic.

I am looking for a man who has or wants to work and live in Hong Kong and wants to live with a kind and well-educated Chinese Girl. I work at a major Chinese company here in Hong Kong and in my spare time so I travel a lot and I have been both in Australia, Thailand, and Europe.

I speak good English and some German when I’ve traveled a few times to Austria and skied and I love this country and all the wonderful nature and the glorious ski slopes that are there. I have a dream to visit the French Alps as I have seen on television.

I have a dream secret dream to live near the Alps and try to find something to live for, perhaps, a hotel, Chinese restaurant or anything else that might be a good revenue source.

I am looking for someone who is 40 to 50 year old who is kind, funny and don’t smoke Maybe you’re from one of the countries I dream about but it is not required. But it would have been fun with some snow if you do not want to live in Hong Kong. Big Hug Mei Hong Kong

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