Chinese Girls – Ling

Hello! My name is Ling and is 20 years old Chinese Girl. My Chinese Family and I have a small hotel, close to Beijing near Xiaotangshan Here we have hot springs coming out of the mountains that people come and bathe in.

But I like to take a swim in our pool. I would love to meet a Western man who wants to have a Chinese Girlfriend to live with. I am a young Chinese Girl and well educated in Economics.

The idea is that when I get older will manage our hotel so therefore, I hope that you want to live in China with me in the future; maybe you work at a hotel or want to do it in the future.

I dream of having children and getting married. If you want to contact me send an email to and write Ling in your email so I will soon contact you. Do not forget a photo. Hugs and kisses from your Ling, Beijing

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