Chinese Girls – Lanfen

Lanfen Chinese Girl SGC
Hi! My name is Lanfen and I am a Chinese Girl that lives in Shenzhen. I work in a nightclub here in Shenzhen so I see some European and American people that come to China to buy from one of the factory’s that we have here.

I like to talk to them when I can I like to keep my English good.I am a single Chinese Girl that like to cook food and I love to spend my time on the internet to learn to cook Asian food.

I dream about a new life and I dream about traveling to new countries. I looking for a good, fun and a kind man maybe you like to travel in Asian and maybe can you talk Chinese it would be fun when you meet my family.

I looking for you that want to meet a Chinese Girl that is serious and want to marry a good mani hope you send me a mail soon. Hug Lanfen

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