Chinese Girls – Lan

Lin a Chinese Girl in CZ
Hi! I am a Chinese Girl and I live in Shenzhen and I work in a big mobile factory we are about 500 Chinese Girls working and living close to the factory.

I come from a small Chinese village in the north part of China. I find Single Girls cupid today and I was thinking is a good way to get some more space and people will see me.

I am a member of Chinese love cupid for a short time and I find out about this website and I see some Chinese Girls that do some stories.

So I like this and think it can be a way to get someone that really looking for a Chinese Girlfriend. I am a good Chinese Girl that just wants find real love a Chinese, American or Europe man.

I like the Scandinavia and I love to travel to that part of the world and see the snow and I go on the internet and look at some photos it looks great.

But I don’t care as long as they are real love I will go where ever you want me to go. So you want to live with a Chinese Girlfriend that will love and care about you then you have me. Hug Lan

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