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Hello! My name Jingfei and is a Single Chinese Girl living with my Chinese Family in Hangzhou, next to West Lake where have our Chinese Family, a small Chinese spa, and traditional Chinese Massage. I and my cousin is responsible for the training of the new Chinese Girls who come to us to work for at our hotel and to ensure that all Chinese Girls holding a high quality.

I meet a Chinese Girl with her Swedish boyfriend and I start talking to her one night and she tells me about life in Europe and what it was like to live with a foreign man. And she continued to tell me about as a friend of hers had written in and she meets her boyfriend on which I am also a member of.

So I thought after I watch that it was nice and I should write here and see if it is the right path for me. I am a hard working Chinese Girl who likes to travel and I enjoy taking photos of wildlife, and I often go down to the lake to get great pictures which I then put into my computer.

I would like to open a Chinese photo blog to show the world how beautiful China is, but I do not know anyone who is good at computers and how to do blogs like this one but for my photos. So I’m looking for someone Western man who is well trained in computer and want to meet a wonderful sexy Chinese Girl.

I would like to live in Europe but I also want to travel to China and my thought is that you could do some work from China, sometimes so that we could have longer holidays in China. I can always open up a Chinese massage clinic with a beauty treatment in Europe.

I’m not one to sit home and watch TV all day then I would go crazy just so you know. I like to cook and I like to try new things. I hope you will write to me and tell me about yourself and then maybe we can start to talk. Until we can get together, I give you a big Hug Jingfei China

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