Chinese Girls – Jing Wei

Hello! My name is Jing Wei and is a 24 year old Single Chinese Girl living in Shanghai. I am working at Pizza Hut in Shanghai. I work in the kitchen and makes Pizzas, salads, etc.

It’s not the best job but I have good friends and we have fun and it pays at least the rent and everything else which is the most important in any case. I find A week ago and thought I would try to meet a good man who is kind and wants to live with a Single Chinese Girl.

It is the first time I dare to try to write in such a dating site I am a happy Chinese Girl from Hifie, where my Chinese family and my Chinese sisters live. My Chinese family has a photoshop where we take photos, sell cameras, producing images, etc.

One day my Chinese friend said she would move to Shanghai and that she had got a job at Pizza Hut so I decided to go with her to Shanghai to work. I wanted to try to live self and live a little freer now. I have lived here for 4 years and now I feel ready to get a boyfriend and family and all that.

I hope you would write to me and maybe we can meet and I can cook you a good Chinese dinner or if you want. I can do a super good pizza and we can watch a good movie and snuggle in front of the television. Hug Jing Wei

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