Chinese Girls – Hua

Hello! My name is Hua and I am a 24-year-old. Chinese Girls working at a hotel in Shanghai. We are three Chinese Girls who work here at the reception. It’s me and De and Fang is my best friends, we are a great group of Chinese Girls who like to have fun. We enjoy helping our customers and ensure they have fun in China.

I love to cook and I and my friends tend to borrow the hotel’s BBQ and have a barbecue night, and sometimes one or two of the over friends who stay in my hotel come and drink and Barbecues’ with us. I enjoy being with foreign people. I’m actually a little jealous of those Chinese Girls who have a foreign husband or boyfriend and would love to meet someone from Europe who want a Chinese Girlfriend.

I am Single Chinese Girl and I want to have a man to hug and kisses like other Chinese Girls. I come from Datongxiang where my Chinese family lives far out in the country where my Chinese family grows rice and they are poor so my salary will help a lot. I send some money to them.

So it can pay for electricity, food and everything else. I live in a big Townhouse with five Chinese Girls. Three of them are my friends at the hotel and two Chinese Girls from Datongxiang who are sisters. Hugs Hua Shanghai, China

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