Chinese Girls – Fang

I am a single Chinese Girl living in Hong Kong here I work at a large hotel in Kowloon City. Hong Kong is a wonderful Place to be and you meet many different people.

My name is Fang and is a 24-year-old Chinese single Girl. I want to meet someone who wants to live with me. I like to go out and eat and drink. And I have a favorite bar; you’re I usually go with my friends.

I am a Chinese Girl who likes to cook and I like to help mom make food for the family on Sundays when the whole family will gather to discuss the week have been and talk about what happened.

That is why I love Sundays Family is important to me and I dream of your own family. So I saw this new page Single Girls and I want to be the first to get my story posted on this fine blog. Maybe you want to see me a big hug from Fang in Hong Kong

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