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Hello! My name is Chen and is a 24 year old Chinese Girl living in Beijing. I live here in Beijing with my Chinese family. I work as a tourist guide and I usually take as groups around Beijing and show our wonderful city. I have a good relationship with some Chinese hotels that are calling me in case there is any guest who wants a private tour.

I have a good life and it goes well for me but sometimes when I have a foreign couple who want tours in Beijing, I cannot help wondering what it would be like to live with a foreign man and travel a bit more than I do today.

I have just found and want to try to see if you read it here would be interested to see me. Maybe on a vacation and I can show you all the wonderful Beijing has to offer.

I am a well educated Chinese Girl, I have an education in economics and Chinese history I have always loved history and historical sites. I like to go Zhangjiajie where my Chinese Family comes from and where some of my Chinese Family’s lives.

I love to go into nature and get away from all cars and stress. I enjoy being with my Family and I enjoy going to the movies with my friends. I hope you will write to me Hug Chen Beijing, China

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Learn Chinese with Free Podcasts

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