Chinese Girls – Cai

Hello! My name Cai I’m a Single Chinese Girl living in Shanghai I work on a bus terminal and I sell the ticket to the long way bus from Shanghai.

It’s a fun job and I have a lot of friends who I meet every day on the bus Terminal and I hear a lot of gossips, Yes, we Chinese Girls like to hear about all news ha ha ha. So there is a reason why I like my work so much. Otherwise, I’m an ordinary Chinese Girl who likes to take it easy and take care of our house in Shanghai.

I live with my mom and dad and my four sisters. We are a large Chinese family with much love and warmth. I usually do the shopping on the market and I use to clean and take care of our garden where I got some flowers and some fruit trees, etc. I love my flowers and to sit and watch how it grows.

But I do not have a social life I want a boyfriend to hug. I want someone I can go to the movies with and go out to eat at a real Chinese restaurant and listening to music. So now I wonder if there is a nice guy who wants to see a happy Chinese Girl from Shanghai please writes to me so you get my Hotmail. Hug Cai

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