Chinese Girls – Bao

Hello! My name Bao and is a 20 year old Chinese Girl who has just been to the Chinese cafe with four of my Chinese Girlfriends. We are in Hong Kong today to have fun and go shopping in some stores.

We have taken the Train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and we are going to sleep one night in Hong Kong with my Chinese cousin. We usually go to Hong Kong 1-2 times a year to have fun and shop and look at all the people who are in Hong Kong and maybe flirt with some tourist who comes to Hong Kong.

Now I am a 20 years Chinese Girl the same as my Chinese friends and we often talk about starting the data on the Internet. I am writing this on because I want to meet a man who wants to live with me.

I am a Chinese Girl who likes to hang out with friends and with my Chinese family. My Dad is a bus driver on the long journey buses and is gone a lot and therefore I would like to help mom as much as I can and I usually help my little brother with homework and things that he gets from school.

I am looking for a man who is from 30 to 45 years who are serious and looking for a true Chinese Girl. Big Hug Bao

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