Chinese Girls – Ai

Hello! My name is Ai and is a Single Chinese Girl and living in Shenzhen and works at one of the factories here in Shenzhen and are working to build different MP3 players. The Long days at the factory and it has only their other Chinese friends to talk and their dreams.

But I like to do something else but I have not so much choice I have to work here, at my home in my Chinese Village where my family lives, we have hard to find a job and my family grows rice. So I make up my mind and go to Shenzhen to work to help my family.

But now I want to stop working here and try to focus on myself. I want to find a boyfriend and I find and thought this might work for other Girls around the values.

I am a happy Chinese Girl who likes to cook Asian Food and I love children.I dream to meet a man who wants to marry me. I live in an apartment that I share with two other Chinese Girls, so in case you want to meet me.

Maybe we can meet in Hong Kong and we can stay at a good hotel and go out and eat some good and go on sightseeing in Hong Kong so we can get to know each other bit.

I have been to Hong Kong a couple of times with some Chinese Girls who have families and friends in Hong Kong. I LOVE Hong Kong!! I hope you will write to me Hug Ai

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