Burmese Girls – Aung

Hello! I’m Aung and a Burmese Girl living in Bangkok. Every morning I go to the sky train to go to the store that I work in. I work in a big shopping center elsewhere many tourists all day, and a Variety of gorgeous foreign guys who want to shop. Yes, the Girls too but I’m interested in guys and occasionally a foreign guy with his Thai Girlfriend and I think That if I dared, I could meet a wonderful guy like he is.

I was thinking about how I can meet a Farang as they say in Thailand. I see this web site Singlegirlscupid.com and thought I would try if love is here for a Burmese Girl. I come from a poor little Burmese village; we have no electricity until a few months ago when I bought a solar panel for my Burmese family on loans that I pay.

My mother dreams of having a refrigerator and solar panel are the first step. I just have to save 5000 Bath and I should have it in about 10 months. Then I go to my mom and dad for the first time in a year and surprise them with a gift a refrigerator. I’m going home and to Songkran to meet my Burmese family, my siblings, and cousins.

I also hope That I Have Any other news that I have found a boyfriend that I want to live with. I am Happy for Burma or Myanmar who my country’s name is. I hope that Burma’s future is brighter and it has already begun to happen in my country.

Trade barriers are removed and embassies are planned to open again I hope and pray for my country and my Burmese family. I hope that you who want to be my boyfriend want to come to me in Bangkok and get to know me a bit and then go with me to Burma to meet my Burmese family and see my home. It is poor but it is my home and I promise to take care of you Hug Aung Bangkok

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