Australian Girls – Anna

A Australian Girl (2)
HI! I am Anna I am a Single Australian Girl that live in Sydney but I travel a lot on the roads all over Australia. I am a truck driver and am my dad that teaches me all about this work my family have a small truck company.

So I grow up in a truck and I see more of Australia then many Australian Girls do. I know all about snakes and all the animals that we have in Australia.

You cannot be scared in the bush and you must be strong and love to fix cars and trucks are no one that will help you in the bush. I love to drive my truck it gives me power and I feel like I can do anything.

When I have my break I take up my new Ipad and I start to look on the internet and am who I find First I was thinking I must be crazy put my name and photo on this website.

Maybe I will meet a serial killer or any of those psychos that you see in movies. But I will hope for the best and see what happen.

I hope I can find love and I hope I can find you that man with a big smile that loves jokes and love to travel. I like to stay in Australia but if the day comes I think I can move from my families and friends.

But that is a later question. We most much together and I think the best is that you send me a mail so we can start to talk on skype. Big Hug Anna

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